Just Don’t Blame the Parents for ADHD!

Posted on : 29th October 2017

I have an urge to write when I am triggered by something that angers me. Last weekend, after a hard exercise session, over a congratulatory coffee in the cafe for surviving the hour, I had a conversation that left me with a sense of disquiet all week. The conversation was, in a nutshell, that ADHD […]


Learning to Say Sorry!

Posted on : 22nd September 2017

Sorry is a simple 5 letter word, but don’t you think that for some people, it is the hardest word to say. I would argue that it is one of the most powerful words in the language of communication, however it is rarely used correctly and if misused can cause great distress. To hear that […]


Dyslexia: Education becomes the Obstacle.

Posted on : 31st August 2017

Having both a daughter and niece with Dyslexia, I have seen the effect this condition has had on their self belief and confidence, but I firmly believe that dyslexia should not be a major obstacle that impedes lives and limits aspirations. If detected early enough, the impact will not be as seismic. Strategies can be […]


Social media – a luddites perspective. As published on Huffington Post ( Guest Blogger)

Posted on : 19th August 2017

I admit that I was still in my youth before the social media revolution took off. As my children constantly remind me, I did not have computers etc when I was at school, therefore I am not well informed. This is probably very true, but actually computers were around when I was attending my high […]


Neuroscience: Moving Therapy into the Future.

Posted on : 26th June 2017

Traditional counselling is often described as ‘talking therapy’. Exploring the issues with the client in this manner involves asking them to repeat the events of their lives in detail, in order to contextualise their struggles. It aims to provide insight into why they feel and act in the way that they do. It means unpicking […]