Resilience Building



From Our very Conception Our Cells Know What to Do

From the moment of conception, our cells know what they need to do to be alive. They know what food to eat and what toxins they do not need. They are programmed to divide and hopefully thrive. When the baby is born,they know how to cry to make their needs known, they know when they are tired, thirsty, what foods they like. It is instinctive to be you. As we grow we become less sure, less in touch with our drivers. We stop knowing what to eat, when to sleep, how to be.

The Freedom of Being a Child

The freedom of a child is lost so quickly by life events and the pressure to conform. As adults, it is all too easy to forget to be in touch with what our bodies and thoughts are or are meant to be. We lose perspective and can only see the conflict that surrounds who we are meant
to be. Becoming empowered to be you, gives you the strength to deal with adversity, conflict, the unknown. You trust your inner voice once again. A way to empower is to look at our lives in a different light, work out our ‘stories’, because they are what help us to make sense of the world. We are the players in our often told story and being the author, we can also shape our characters and craft the roles we all play. We can paint ourselves as the hero or the victim in our life play and write others as the perpetrators of our doom. This forever locks us into a certain perspective. The more we tell it thus, the more it becomes our truth.

Rewrites are good!

Our stories can be rewritten, that is the part of storytelling. As in war, ‘History is written by the victors.’ as Winston Churchill (2) said. You can choose to be the winner of your story and write your script in the context of resilience and empowerment.
This book will lead you through a series of exercises, one building upon the other.

The Power of the Pen!

It will use Journalling as a tool to discover what in your life is causing you an issue. This information tells you where you should focus and what change would assist you to move forwards. It will identify your unconscious and conscious Scripts. From here, a Life Events
Line (LEL) will be created about a specific event that still causes you turmoil, enabling you to untangle its’ potency and reduce it
to a toothless tiger.

This Workbook Will help You to Change

Your attitude to change and what you need in your life to help with change will be unearthed, the Cheerleaders you need to help and what the environment you need to exist in, in order that you flourish. It is a process of reflection, revelation and
by changing your lenses through which you see your life, it will liberate you from negative constraints.

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