Laura Morrissey Counselling: 10 tips to Thrive in a Covid Winter

10 Tips to Thrive in a Covid Winter

10 Tips to Thrive in a Covid Winter   In March we thought that it would soon be over. The onset of COVID had been unprecedented in our lifetime Living Through COVID. The death rates rising on the banner underneath the news broadcaster was paralysing for some. Fear took grip. Panic buying of loo rolls […]

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How Education or Work effects Anxiety

Anxiety is becoming more prevalent. In my counselling practice the majority of my clients suffer from anxiety. The effect of anxiety on our systems is cumulative, a bit like repeatedly filling our coffee cup without first rinsing it out from the last time we used it. Anxiety takes hold of us and restricts our lives. […]

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Home Life & the Anxiety Compass

I designed the Anxiety Compass so that you can evaluate your life, your balance. I have come to realise that our lives need balance in order to make us feel connected with ourselves and with others. This connectivity reduces feelings of isolation and allows us to see our lives as a whole rather than in […]

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Anxiety Stops Us Enjoying Life..

LAURA MORRISSEY COUNSELLING¬∑MONDAY, 12 NOVEMBER 20181 read Anxiety is the disease of the 21st Century. It creeps into our lives and takes over, piece by piece. It effects our health, our relationships, our joy. We can wake up feeling anxious, go through the day with the feelings of stress and go to bed feeling worse. […]

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