10 Xmas 2020 Coping Tips!

10 Xmas 2020 Coping Tips! The Christmas period can be a stressful  time of year, especially in COVID times! (Living Through COVID ) ?  This year we may try to make a choice to either create new memories & traditions or attempt to remain true to our old ways of celebrating.  (Anxiety Workbook ). There has been […]

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Lockdown Fatigue Syndrome!

Lockdown Fatigue Syndrome!   We are in week 9 of the COVID Lockdown. It has been a rollercoaster for us all. These are indeed, unprecedented times, the like of which we have not witnessed in our life time. I know for myself, when the talk of the virus first started, I was convinced that it […]

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Moving on from Lockdown..

  Moving On From Lockdown.. Following on from my last blog, But I Want To Help!!, I decided that counsellors and Coaches would be needed to treat  all of the trauma that COVID-19 has induced. Trauma is everywhere, isn’t it ?  As a therapist I see trauma in all of my clients. Not PTSD necessarily, […]

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Now Is The Time!

  Now is the Time… We are in unprecedented times. Who would have predicted that we would end up in a pandemic situation. A truly global threat that is derailing everybody’s way of life. We have been in lock down for just 2 weeks and yet it seems to have become the norm. The threat […]

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