Why will this therapy be any different from other times I have had counselling?

The approach I use is designed around you, your goals & your pace. The effect is high impact and life changing…as long as you are ready! I base our work on neuroscience, effecting change from the inside out. No homework, your body does the work.

Will I need therapy for life?

No! My approach produces a high, effective impact. I cannot guarantee how long we will work together but we review where we are every time we meet. Normally in counselling we will work in 6 week blocks but some people need less…some more!

All the self help books may have been good to read but had they helped you to make lasting change? Maybe it is time to try Counselling or Coaching…it can be life changing! I provide positive therapy that really makes a difference.

Do I need Coaching or Counselling?

I blend the two! Coaching is normally looking at a goals that you want to achieve, Counselling is generally about historical issues.

I believe that the blocks in our work life can often be traced back to earlier experiences. These may be from childhood or from within the work arena. Both approaches seek to help you achieve your goals, it is up to you how deep we go.
We can explore which approach suits you!

Will I always need a Coach?

No…maybe! It may be that we work together once a month for 4 months. We may then work together over a longer period of time, that is up to you! If you want an ongoing connection to review your goals and issues, then this can be arranged!

I will not change!

Then perhaps you are not ready yet for Counselling or Coaching. Change is inevitable and can feel uncomfortable but is well worth it! The more ready you are for change, the more change you will see happening.

Why should I work with you?

I provide Counselling & Coaching that is personalised to you, helping you to meet your aims. The tools that you take away with you, are ingrained, like a lifelong tool box at hand when you need it th emost. I am experienced & qualified and my previous clients were happy to share their thoughts:

‘It was gentle but so very effective’
‘I was surprised that I enjoyed our sessions so much…I could just carry on meeting up but I know that I am ready to get on with my life!’
‘ I felt really seen for the first time in my life’
‘I thought nothing was changing & then…everything had changed!’

I can’t afford you

That is understandable. Clients have said that it is the ‘best money they have ever spent’. Only you know whether or not you can afford therapy or Coaching.

I am afraid that I will feel worse...

Counselling & Coaching require you to be honest about your life. This can be hard initially but is worth it! I always make sure that at the end of a session, you are ok to get on with your day.

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