Anxiety is a feeling that is familiar to many. It can range from a feeling of disquiet to a more extreme emotion that takes over how you live your life…and many degrees in between. Sometimes, self help books are not enough.  If you feel that ANXIETY is taking control then it is time to seek some additional support. It is never too early. I have a number of ways to support people with ANXIETY, all based on therapeutic research & interventions:


  1. 1;1 Counselling that helps you to uncover the root cause of your ANXIETY. We will explore what it means for you & give you coping strategies to manage it better.
  2. The Anxiety Workbook is available on Amazon. Ideal for individuals or GP’s…It has worksheets to guide you through a process that will create balance & reduce anxiety. The worksheets can be shared and reused.
  3. I offer a 10 week online course to help you manage your anxiety. 10 Weeks Online Anxiety Course
  4. 10 week online Anxiety course for Adopters who may at the early stages of applying to adopt or have already had a child/children placed. For more informations: New_ 10 Week Anxiety Course Online for Adopters 
  5. 10 week online Anxiety Course for people working in Educational Settings . Ideal for teachers, tutors or pastoral staff to use with students to help them to cops better and achieve their full potential. New: 10 Week Online Course on Anxiety for Professionals

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