Attachment Issues in Educational Settings

Attachment Issues in Educational Settings can account for behaviours in students that can be challenging to you & to staff. They are all too often unrecognised:

Do you find that some students are disruptive? Complex? Hard to understand?  Feeling that all strategies you know are not really working?
It could be an Attachment Disorder!

Find out what this means & the impact it has at school on staff and pupils. It will help you to alleviate stress on you, on staff, provide invaluable CPD & make a difference to pupils. This training will be different from other CPD because it is based on therapeutic strategies that work!

1. Get tips for managing their behaviour so that the class is easier to manage
2. Feel more in control
3. Feel more skilled in dealing with students who present in complex ways
4. Receive essential training about early childhood development….
5. Find those missing pieces!

For more detailed information, please contact me! I can forward a FREE resource to give you more information about attachment issues in schools/colleges.

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