What is Counselling?

Counselling is an opportunity for you to explore your life and your issues in a safe, non judgemental space. You may feel low, anxious and not know why or there may have been specific triggers that you can name and identify.

Counselling is about finding your answers and developing your own coping skills that will serve you throughout your life. Sometimes therapy is about changing what you can & learning to accept what you cannot. It is can be about changing your own approach to life &/or others.

I am Trained & Accredited as an Integrative therapist.  Integrative Therapy as the name suggests, is an approach that blends key elements from different therapies What is Integrative Counselling?  will give you a bit more information. I believe that one approach does not fit all!  Instead, everyone is viewed as an individual & at the same time is understood within their own wider system ( ie family, culture, ancestors …) The best techniques are therefore, personalised to suit you and the issues you are struggling with.

I believe that Counselling should be responsive and empathic. In all areas of my work, whether it is within business, with teenagers, adults and families, I work in a way that builds resilience and improves relationships. High impact & long-term.

My service aims to provide responsive intervention, advice and support at the time when you need it the most. My aim to always provide therapy that is attachment focused and informed by new developments & research. It is specifically designed around your individuals needs, helping you to get to the root of the issues causing you distress.

The areas that I specialise in are listed below & then keep scrolling!:

  • Trauma
  • Attachment/Relational Issues
  • Attachment issues in Educational settings
  • Grief/Loss & Anxiety
  • Certified Lifespan Integration Therapist
  • I am a qualified, experienced Supervisor


I offer a unique approach that resolves TRAUMA fast & effectively. The trauma may be recent or in the past, either way, therapy can help!

Examples of trauma:

  • PTSD & Complex PTSD
  • Birth Trauma
  • Miscarriage
  • Assault
  • Car Accident
  • Early developmental Trauma
  • Experience of sudden death of a loved one…

This blog may be useful: What is Trauma?

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Attachment or Relationship issues:

As people we are meant to connect with other people it is part of who we are. If we cannot connect or for relationships then this can effect how safe we feel in the world. Attachment is all about relationships! Some examples of where Attachment Issues may effecting you are:

  • Relational issues with family members
  • Partners
  • friends
  • Work colleagues
  • Yourself..

This blog on attachment may be of interest to you Attachment.

It is not uncommon to think that attachment styles are set in stone, this is NOT the case! Contact me to see if I can help!


Attachment Issues in Educational Settings:

Attachment Issues in Educational Settings can account for behaviours in students that can be challenging to you & to staff. They are all too often unrecognised:

Do you find that some students are disruptive? Complex? Hard to understand?  Feeling that all strategies you know are not really working?
It could be an Attachment Disorder!

Find out what this means & the impact it has at school on staff and pupils. It will help you to alleviate stress on you, on staff, provide invaluable CPD & make a difference to pupils. This training will be different from other CPD because it is based on therapeutic strategies that work!

1. Get tips for managing their behaviour so that the class is easier to manage
2. Feel more in control
3. Feel more skilled in dealing with students who present in complex ways
4. Receive essential training about early childhood development….
5. Find those missing pieces!

For more detailed information, please contact me! I can forward a FREE resource to give you more information about attachment issues in schools/colleges.


Grief & Loss 

Sadly, GRIEF & LOSS is a part of life. This fact does not make it any less painful. Feeling sadness is normal but if you feel that you cannot shift this feeling, then you may benefit from professional help. GRIEF/LOSS takes many shapes, such as:

  • Loss of a parent or partner
  • Loss of a child or miscarriage
  • Divorce
  • Empty nest
  • Loss of a work role
  • Loss of life role

This blog may be useful:  Grief: A complex Human Response to Loss

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Anxiety is a feeling that is familiar to many. It can range from a feeling of disquiet to a more extreme emotion that takes over how you live your life…and many degrees in between. Sometimes, self help books are not enough.  If you feel that ANXIETY is taking control then it is time to seek some additional support. It is never too early. I have a number of ways to support people with ANXIETY, all based on therapeutic research & interventions:


  1. 1;1 Counselling that helps you to uncover the root cause of your ANXIETY. We will explore what it means for you & give you coping strategies to manage it better.
  2. The Anxiety Workbook is available on Amazon. Ideal for individuals or GP’s…It has worksheets to guide you through a process that will create balance & reduce anxiety. The worksheets can be shared and reused.
  3. I offer a 10 week online course to help you manage your anxiety. 10 Weeks Online Anxiety Course
  4. 10 week online Anxiety course for Adopters who may at the early stages of applying to adopt or have already had a child/children placed. For more informations: New_ 10 Week Anxiety Course Online for Adopters 
  5. 10 week online Anxiety Course for people working in Educational Settings . Ideal for teachers, tutors or pastoral staff to use with students to help them to cops better and achieve their full potential. New: 10 Week Online Course on Anxiety for Professionals

These blogs may of interest: Anxiety Stops Us Enjoying Life..  High Functioning Anxiety…Is This You?

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Lifespan Integration (LI)

I am a Certified Lifespan Integration Therapist and this is a gentle therapy that helps to heal from the inside out. I integrate it with other therapeutic models. I offer:

  1. Lifespan Integration Therapy to individuals
  2. Lifespan Integration to other therapists who may seek to become certified. (To do this they need to work with a certified therapist & have regular meeting with a Consultant.) Please call to discuss further!

LI for individuals £60 per hour

Li therapists to become Certified therapists is £70 per hour.

More information on what Lifespan Integration Therapy in this blog: What is Lifespan Integration Therapy?



All Counsellors must have monthly supervision in order to be able to practice. I have been a supervisor for over 5 years and enjoy working with inquisitive therapists who are keen to learn & keep up to date with new research. It is a chance to reflect on you, your clients and how the sessions are going. The client is always at the centre of the process.

Supervisions £75 per 1.5hrs. Contact me to see if I can help!

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