Counselling is an opportunity for you to explore your life and your issues in a safe, non judgemental space. You may feel low, anxious and not know why or there may have been specific triggers that you can name and identify.

Counselling is about finding your answers and developing your own coping skills that will serve you throughout your life.

Sometimes therapy is about changing what you can & learning to accept what you cannot. It is can be about changing your own approach to life &/or others.

I am Trained & Accredited as an Integrative therapist.  Integrative Therapy as the name suggests, is an approach that blends key elements from different therapies What is Integrative Counselling?  will give you a bit more information. I believe that one approach does not fit all!  Instead, everyone is viewed as an individual & at the same time is understood within their own wider system ( ie family, culture, ancestors …) The best techniques are therefore, personalised to suit you and the issues you are struggling with.

I believe that Counselling should be responsive and empathic. In all areas of my work, whether it is within business, with teenagers, adults and families, I work in a way that builds resilience and improves relationships. High impact & long-term.

My service aims to provide responsive intervention, advice and support at the time when you need it the most. My aim to always provide therapy that is attachment focused and informed by new developments & research. It is specifically designed around your individuals needs, helping you to get to the root of the issues causing you distress.

The areas that I specialise :

  • Trauma
  • Attachment/Relational Issues
  • Attachment issues in Educational settings
  • Grief/Loss & Anxiety
  • Certified Lifespan Integration Therapist
  • I am a qualified, experienced Supervisor


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