Coaching is about unleashing potential and realising success through an energising process that is empowering.

Taking time out in order that we can ‘Pause, Reflect & Create’ are essential elements to our personal development.

I provide more than just COACHING. My therapeutic background & continual curiosity about new developments into the human psyche, inform the way that I work with clients. Coaching can deepen the understanding of the issues being faced and improve the ability of the clients to develop more robust coping skills, where needed.

Coaching looks at the barriers that are preventing you from maximising your potential in life & at work. It looks at the present and future, helping you identify what is holding you back…is it fear? Old beliefs that inhibit taking that step forward? Poor relationships with past/current line managers?

Together we work out where these inhibitors originated and how to quieten them so that you can start trusting your instincts and start listening to your inner selves, whose voices get drowned out by negative thoughts. Coaching will help you to move forward. I believe that we need to understand and reconcile our past experiences in order that we are free to move forward.

My understanding of neuroscience and developing research areas allows me to assist you to become empowered, grow and achieve. It is an energising process that unlocks your true potential and uses reflection, creativity and a new perspective to help you go where you wish to go!

I am experienced at offering the following services online – and yes, it does work!

I work with:

  • 1. Improving & putting Emotional Intelligence into practice
  • 2. Feeling Stuck
  • 3. Toxic Boss
  • 4. Feeling like an Imposter
  • 5. Coaching & support for parents – Including sleep Coaching 2- 5yr olds

  • 1. Improving Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Emotional Intelligence is taught on Leadership courses but sometimes does not fully translate into the workplace. Management courses are often extremely interesting to attend but they do not always change behaviours in the workplace. The question for Leaders is ‘Why not?’ I believe that the missing part of the puzzle lies in the need to understand human nature. These are some of the areas that I can help with:

  • 1. Absenteeism
  • 2. Presenteeism
  • 3. Managing Difficult Situations
  • 4. Managing Difficult People
  • 5. Managing your own emotions

For More Information, this Pdf may prove helpful: READ MORE: Improving Emotional Intelligence In the Workplace

Free: Emotional Intelligence Quiz: Emotional Intelligence Quiz

2. Feeling Stuck

This feeling can impact on you at home & work. Feeling that you are tied into a job or role that is unfulfilling but being unable to imagine an alternative. This in itself is immobilising. Feeling stuck can prevent creativity and the ability to think that there are viable options.

Are you :

  • 1. Stuck in a role that no longer stimulates you?
  • 2. Lack the confidence to go for a new role?
  • 3. Know that you want to change but feel unable to do so?
  • 4. In a relationship/friendship that i making you unhappy?

You may want to explore how to move forwards! READ MORE: Feeling Stuck

Free: Am I Stuck? Quiz: Am I Stuck_ Quiz

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3. Toxic Boss : 

If you have worked for a boss who has been toxic for you, then those feelings of being less capable than others can stay with you …sometimes years after leaving that employment environment. OR if you have experienced working with colleagues who are toxic, the effects can stay with you. Are you:

  • 1. Constantly thinking about how your old boss/colleague treated you
  • 2. Does your heart beat faster when thinking of that time?
  • 3. Do you feel that your confidence has been undermined?
  • 4. Stopping yourself going for promotion because of how they made you feel?

Contact me! Toxic Change in The Workplace! may be a useful blog to read. Read More: Toxic Boss

Free Toxic Boss Quiz: Toxic Boss Quiz

4. Imposter Syndrome

This is not actually a syndrome as such but is a common feeling for many people. You may benefit for exploring this feeling if:

  • 1. You always feel that you will be found out
  • 2. You feel that everyone else is better at their job than you are
  • 3. You will be exposed & lose your job
  • 4. Despite evident saying that you do your job well, you feel a fraud

I offer:

5. Coaching & Support for Parents

Parenting is hard. No child comes with an instruction manual. Parents need support! Are you:

  • 1. Battling with a teenager
  • 2. New parent trying to adjust
  • 3. Feeling overwhelmed
  • 4. Feeling that you are not coping well
  • 5. Need help with getting your toddler to sleep

READ MORE Coaching & Suport for Parents

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There are various ways I can help.

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