How to be Politically successful at Work ..& still be You!

Politics at Work is Unavoidable.. Politics, especially in recent years, can be a dirty word. The game of politics at work is unavoidable but how we conduct ourselves whilst in the trenches IS up to us. The better we understand ourselves and others, the less stress you feel & the more effective you become High […]

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10 Tips To Be More Productive at Work

Increased Productivity is Good for you? Increased productivity is the goal of employees and employers alike. The more productive you are the more satisfied you are with your job ( usually!). It means that you have found a role that plays to your strengths and a way to be at your best. Optimum productivity means […]

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How Education or Work effects Anxiety

Anxiety is becoming more prevalent. In my counselling practice the majority of my clients suffer from anxiety. The effect of anxiety on our systems is cumulative, a bit like repeatedly filling our coffee cup without first rinsing it out from the last time we used it. Anxiety takes hold of us and restricts our lives. […]

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