10 Tips to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence(EI)? Emotional Intelligence (EI) means that you can understand your own feelings and reactions. This helps you to manage your own responses and stay in control High Functioning Anxiety…Is This You?. Once you understand your own emotions you can then understand those of others. This is the key to success in all […]

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8 Tips to Bring Emotional Intelligence into Work

“Building the Emotional Intelligence of Groups”, by Vanessa Urch Druskat and Steven B. Wolff says that Emotional Intelligence ( EI) is the element the underlies the effectiveness of successful teams. Successful teams are happier and more productive. Less time is taken off work through stress, the bottom line is improved. This blog may of interest: […]

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Celebrating Differences through Therapy

Therapy sees the Differences Therapy is all about really seeing & hearing the individual who is in the therapy room with you. It is about recognising their uniqueness as a human being. Therapy Sees the Differences but Recognises Equality Therapy sees the individual, their strengths. We are all different but this does not mean that […]

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