Strengthen Your Resilience: Part 4

    From Our very Conception Our Cells Know What to Do From the moment of conception, our cells know what they need to do to be alive. They know what food to eat and what toxins they do not need. They are programmed to divide and hopefully thrive. When the baby is born,they know […]

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Strengthen Your Resilience: Part 3

  Unless we break free of these early constraints we cannot be true to ourselves Unless we break free of these early constraints we cannot be true to ourselves but continue to live a life that has been scripted for us by another. The way to break free of these binds is to view ourselves […]

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Strengthen Your Resilience: Part 2

Our lives are affected by the events that shape us Our lives are affected by the events that shape us, but more importantly by the stories we tell of our life events. We can become entrenched in our version of how things occurred, we tell our story, often in a clinical manner devoid of real […]

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Exercise & Anxiety

  Exercise can be a cure for your Anxiety Exercise is vital to keep our minds and bodies healthy. We as human beings, were not designed to sit behind a desk and then go home and sit on the couch. Our bodies are amazing, they self heal, they create new cells, without them we do […]

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How Education or Work effects Anxiety

Anxiety is becoming more prevalent. In my counselling practice the majority of my clients suffer from anxiety. The effect of anxiety on our systems is cumulative, a bit like repeatedly filling our coffee cup without first rinsing it out from the last time we used it. Anxiety takes hold of us and restricts our lives. […]

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Home Life & the Anxiety Compass

I designed the Anxiety Compass so that you can evaluate your life, your balance. I have come to realise that our lives need balance in order to make us feel connected with ourselves and with others. This connectivity reduces feelings of isolation and allows us to see our lives as a whole rather than in […]

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The Anxiety Compass

I am going to share how I developed this model of working. I would sit in the counselling session, some clients talk a lot, some not so much! I have worked in schools and a college for 5 years and you can imagine that some teenagers can be even more extreme at times. I found […]

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