Anxiety is becoming more prevalent. In my counselling practice the majority of my clients suffer from anxiety. The effect of anxiety on our systems is cumulative, a bit like repeatedly filling our coffee cup without first rinsing it out from the last time we used it. Anxiety takes hold of us and restricts our lives.
Anxiety at work or school can prevent us achieving what we are actually capable of, thus making us more anxiety ridden. This is an extract from the Anxiety Workbook:
“Anxiety and stress can affect the ability to perform at school or work. It can make us not want to go into school, college or work. Missing school has a massive impact on our ability to achieve academically. Missing work will often result in disciplinary warnings and possibly dismissal.
Wanting to achieve can make us anxious but it is likely that depression affects academic achievement not the other way around.
It affects ability to socialise, perform well and concentration. Anxiety can make people too scared to go into examinations, make them ‘go blank’ and fail to get their knowledge out onto the exam paper. Fear prevents us doing well and this effects future career goals. This fear and anxiety, unless dealt with, can follow us throughout our lives, stopping us achieving our full potential. This can also lead to depression.(8)”
This is the second part of the Anxiety Compass, contained in my Anxiety Workbook. The book has more information and a guide to help you overcome this condition that can be so invasive.