Might I have Childhood Trauma?

Early Childhood Trauma…Me? You may instinctively say….. No….I can’t have…. I have resolved all of my childhood issues….I have had therapy numerous times before.. I am too old to let childhood issues bother me This is just an excuse for my/others behaviour I see many clients who will say any  or all of the above […]

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Transitions into the Fall

    Summer Ending is a Time of Transition I am very aware of the poignancy of transitions, partly due to the fact that I, like many others, are prone to feeling gloomy in the darker months. For me, this sense of impending winter starts tickling at my psyche just after the summer solstice. I […]

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Exercise & Anxiety

  Exercise can be a cure for your Anxiety Exercise is vital to keep our minds and bodies healthy. We as human beings, were not designed to sit behind a desk and then go home and sit on the couch. Our bodies are amazing, they self heal, they create new cells, without them we do […]

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Anxiety Stops Us Enjoying Life..

LAURA MORRISSEY COUNSELLING·MONDAY, 12 NOVEMBER 20181 read Anxiety is the disease of the 21st Century. It creeps into our lives and takes over, piece by piece. It effects our health, our relationships, our joy. We can wake up feeling anxious, go through the day with the feelings of stress and go to bed feeling worse. […]

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