Might I have Childhood Trauma?

Early Childhood Trauma…Me? You may instinctively say….. No….I can’t have…. I have resolved all of my childhood issues….I have had therapy numerous times before.. I am too old to let childhood issues bother me This is just an excuse for my/others behaviour I see many clients who will say any  or all of the above […]

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What is Integrative Counselling?

  Integrative Counselling is?… That is a very good question! I decided to retrain as a therapist some years ago. I looked at all of the different courses available and opted for a Diploma in Integrative Therapeutic Counselling at a local college. I love a bit of research but looking back, I did not research […]

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What is Trauma?

What is Trauma? Trauma is spoken about a lot nowadays. People profess to be trauma informed, traumatised, suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD), but little is understood about what it all means. Bessel Van Der Kolk (1) says that trauma changes the brain, meaning that the world never looks the same again. Trauma (Trauma..Shockwaves […]

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