10 Tips to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence(EI)? Emotional Intelligence (EI) means that you can understand your own feelings and reactions. This helps you to manage your own responses and stay in control High Functioning Anxiety…Is This You?. Once you understand your own emotions you can then understand those of others. This is the key to success in all […]

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Now Is The Time!

  Now is the Time… We are in unprecedented times. Who would have predicted that we would end up in a pandemic situation. A truly global threat that is derailing everybody’s way of life. We have been in lock down for just 2 weeks and yet it seems to have become the norm. The threat […]

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Transitions into the Fall

    Summer Ending is a Time of Transition I am very aware of the poignancy of transitions, partly due to the fact that I, like many others, are prone to feeling gloomy in the darker months. For me, this sense of impending winter starts tickling at my psyche just after the summer solstice. I […]

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