I designed the Anxiety Compass so that you can evaluate your life, your balance. I have come to realise that our lives need balance in order to make us feel connected with ourselves and with others. This connectivity reduces feelings of isolation and allows us to see our lives as a whole rather than in fragmented pieces. It is only by looking at our lives as a whole that we can see the parts that out of kilter. With knowledge we can then concentrate on that part that is lacking balance, helping to restore equilibrium. With balance comes less stress and inner turmoil.
“Families are complex. Media portrays the idyll, smiling families with 2.4 children, happy, wealthy, often living by the sea in an amazing house. The reality for many is starkly different.
Understanding your family dynamics and personalities can help you understand yourself.
Anxiety does not like to be alone, it feeds off others peoples anxious thoughts and actions. It is all too easy to gathers the traits from those around us, influencing us. Anxious young people often have anxious parents, it becomes the family script “we are all anxious in our family”.
In addition to this is the fact that not all families are supportive, living together or indeed in contact. These realities cannot be altered but can perhaps be accepted rather than railed against. If a family is too dysfunctional then support may be needed from external people.
It can be useful to identify who, if anyone in your family is a calming influence and encourage spending more time together.”
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