Build Resilience


Unless we break free of these early constraints we cannot be true to ourselves

Unless we break free of these early constraints we cannot be true to ourselves but continue to live a life that has been scripted for us by another. The way to break free of these binds is to view ourselves and our life stories through new eyes from a different perspective. I call this changing our lenses through which we recall our life. With a change of a lens our past becomes different, our understanding of who we are, want to be and are capable of being shifts drastically. Unshackling our past frees our futures up to be fulfilling and gives us the choice of how we choose to live from here on in.

Freeing you from the past

This new found freedom from our past can help us be more focused on what makes us complete, and decide what we want to achieve. It gives us resilience and empowers us to be what we wish to be.
This is more about empowerment not just resilience. It will improve resilience, but my belief is that we all possess resilience or we would no longer be here. Some bounce back more quickly than others admittedly, but with empowerment we can bounce back more rapidly than ever before, because we can differentiate between what is our stuff and what is our parents, friends, employers stuff. We can choose to live by their code or develop our own.

Strengthen Your Core

This strengthens our inner core and makes us more able to face conflict, difference in opinion and with a new found sense of inner self, we can prevent ourselves form being damaged by the stones that others may throw.
We can easily assess if the words that wound say more about the person saying them or you, who is on the receiving end. With this new perspective, through the new lens, we can take stock from a safer place and decide if it is really true or not: shall we own it or not? We may still feel the stings from arrows aimed our way, but the processing and ability to rise above events that previously would have floored us, is more efficient, timely and kinder to us as human beings.

Criticism lands softly

These new lenses do not create a monster of arrogance, but allow comments that are critical to land softly, events that would be wounding to be absorbed and processed more quickly. We can still learn and should learn from life, but only those lessons that are truly ours to learn. Less time is spent on the beliefs of others that can often be inaccurate and unhelpful. We can stop living as if there are 12 mirrors constantly aligned in front of our faces, each mirror telling a different tale of who we are or what we appear to be. In all honesty, how do we know which if any of the 12 images is the correct one? Who is the better judge?

Being you!

It prevents wasting time analysing what we think the thoughts of others may be, because we are able to listen to ourselves and be guided by our own compass. It stops the overwhelming cacophony of sound that berates us on a daily basis.
With empowerment and becoming true to ourselves we can be more gentle with ourselves and others, looking for the kernels of good in us and in them.

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