Change your lenses


Changing Your Lenses.

Story telling and reading has always been a part of my life. I can remember key events in my life in the light of the book I was reading at the time. I always have a book (or 3!) on the go at any one time. I suffer from withdrawal like symptoms if I have nothing to read. I love to immerse myself in the tales that others weave but I have to bond with the main character.

Journaling for Sanity!

As my life progressed, I found that writing my story in a journal type format helped me to externalise the events that were causing me pain and helped me to process and move onwards. It was a form of therapy that I emailed to my sister, Elaine, sometimes on a daily basis when things were very challenging. It was from these journals that
I wrote and published Loving Eric These missives helped me to carry on.

My journey led me into a career as a Counsellor and from this I devised my Anxiety Workbook, which I published as
a self help or guided help book to assist in the control of Anxiety. I was sitting in Bruges with Elaine and describing how I saw the rings of Coaching and Counselling, in my eyes, working together but also where the boundaries are.


The Compass

I devised The Anxiety Compass in my Anxiety Workbook and now have added 2 outer rings that are based upon my experience as a Counsellor and informed by research. These are the areas that can help people to help themselves or others. The outer ring is my Anxiety Workbook and the middle ring, (a long time in the writing!) is about building resilience through storytelling and the changing of the lenses through which we see our lives. The inner ring, (not yet written) is where professional therapeutic help should be sought, in the areas of Trauma and Inner Core work.

This practical book is designed to build on from one section to another but there is nothing to say that you cannot dip in where you see fit! It is a tool to use but should be a light touch. If you get too triggered by a process, set it aside and take it to therapy! Mainly, enjoy the process. Enjoy your story. Discover what makes you react the way you do. Realise what you need to make you shine. Change your lenses and admire your brilliant resilience!

This is an extract from the ‘Resilience WorkBook: Discover & Strengthen Resilience Through Your Life Events Line’: Contact me to find out more!