10 Xmas 2020 Coping Tips!

10 Xmas 2020 Coping Tips! The Christmas period can be a stressful  time of year, especially in COVID times! (Living Through COVID ) ?  This year we may try to make a choice to either create new memories & traditions or attempt to remain true to our old ways of celebrating.  (Anxiety Workbook ). There has been […]

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Moving on from Lockdown..

  Moving On From Lockdown.. Following on from my last blog, But I Want To Help!!, I decided that counsellors and Coaches would be needed to treat  all of the trauma that COVID-19 has induced. Trauma is everywhere, isn’t it ?  As a therapist I see trauma in all of my clients. Not PTSD necessarily, […]

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But I Want To Help!!

Even as a young child..I wanted to Help! I have always, since I was a young child, felt the need to help others. I am practical person and can turn my hand to most things. I take after my Mum, who I miss every day. Her first comment upon hearing of anyone having issues, emotional, […]

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Now Is The Time!

  Now is the Time… We are in unprecedented times. Who would have predicted that we would end up in a pandemic situation. A truly global threat that is derailing everybody’s way of life. We have been in lock down for just 2 weeks and yet it seems to have become the norm. The threat […]

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Social Services: Letting Young People Down?

Social Services failure of Purpose Social Services is seeing an ever increasing demand set against austerity measures (  Social Services Hiding Inefficiency behind Austerity… ) Society is more complex than ever, less cohesive and less supportive than when people lived in back street terraced communities. It really does take a village to raise a child […]

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Parenting older Children

Parenting Children who are now Adults ( Nearly!)   This is a phase that we all go through if we have children but little is talked about how to make this essential transition into a different relationship with our children as they mature. We have to evolve or we stand to alienate our children and […]

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Transitions into the Fall

    Summer Ending is a Time of Transition I am very aware of the poignancy of transitions, partly due to the fact that I, like many others, are prone to feeling gloomy in the darker months. For me, this sense of impending winter starts tickling at my psyche just after the summer solstice. I […]

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Therapy Can Change your View of life to Date…

Therapy changes perception of life to date.. This is a video about how therapy changes the lenses that you use to view your life, this alters the perception and the story of your life. Therapy reframes life events.. It helps to reframe life’s ups and downs, resolving old hurts and processing body held sensations into […]

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