How Can You Be Happy Again?

How Can You Be Happy Again? The implies that you were in the past, happy. What has changed in your life to make you feel unhappy? A good starting point is to look first at the question: Does happiness Exist? Yes happiness does exist but possibly not in the way we have come to understand […]

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Help! My University Child is Stressed!!!

How can I help my University child? It can be an emotional journey when your child (now an adult but always your child) leaves for University Transitions into the Fall. Seeing your child head off with most of their belongings can leave some parents bereft for a while. This marks an end to an era. […]

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Might I have Childhood Trauma?

Early Childhood Trauma…Me? You may instinctively say….. No….I can’t have…. I have resolved all of my childhood issues….I have had therapy numerous times before.. I am too old to let childhood issues bother me This is just an excuse for my/others behaviour I see many clients who will say any  or all of the above […]

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10 Xmas 2020 Coping Tips!

10 Xmas 2020 Coping Tips! The Christmas period can be a stressful  time of year, especially in COVID times! (Living Through COVID ) ?  This year we may try to make a choice to either create new memories & traditions or attempt to remain true to our old ways of celebrating.  (Anxiety Workbook ). There has been […]

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Lockdown Fatigue Syndrome!

Lockdown Fatigue Syndrome!   We are in week 9 of the COVID Lockdown. It has been a rollercoaster for us all. These are indeed, unprecedented times, the like of which we have not witnessed in our life time. I know for myself, when the talk of the virus first started, I was convinced that it […]

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Hamstrung in Covid-19!

Hamstrung in Lockdown! All change. Time to adapt again. I have adapted better than I thought I would to the COVID_19 Lockdown. Week 7 has been and gone and on we go with no clear idea of when and how we will restart life or how life will look on the other side . Many […]

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But I Want To Help!!

Even as a young child..I wanted to Help! I have always, since I was a young child, felt the need to help others. I am practical person and can turn my hand to most things. I take after my Mum, who I miss every day. Her first comment upon hearing of anyone having issues, emotional, […]

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