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Becoming an Attachment, Trauma, Adoption focused School.

  1. Staff fully understand the need to focus on vulnerable young people
  2. Training on barriers to learning- neuroscience & how trauma effects learning.
  3. Become curious about issues i.e look for underlying triggers to behaviour or attendance issues
  4. Collate individual needs, know the students! 
  5. Who is best placed to provide the support i.e not always teachers 
  6. Move behaviour management plans into more curious methods. Focus on the antecedents not the disruption caused
  7. Pick the battles! Not all are worth ‘winning’
  8. Work with parents/carers – understand how these behaviours impact on the home
  9. Support staff – Provide training, be mindful of secondary trauma, provide reflective supervision
  10. .Adopt a whole school approach

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10 Tips for coping with ADHD. 

  1. Exercise daily, it helps ease depression and anxiety.
  2. Accept that you have ADHD but still need to find ways of managing it – society is not always very forgiving!
  3. Spend time with people who accept you.
  4. Find a creative outlet
  5. Find your triggers & brainstorm possible solutions.
  6. Eat well – as diet effects anxiety & mood.
  7. Break down tasks into manageable chunks or the job can be overwhelming.
  8. Use technology to organise your day. Set reminders.
  9. Learn what you are good at.
  10. Meditate! Practice & it will help when feeling stressed. Find something that suits you, breathing, white noise…

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