What is an Attachment Disorder?


Have you/your child experienced disruption in the first years of their life?
Do you shy away from relationships as soon as they become ‘serious”?

Quotes from parents:

“ I feel as if I have woken up in the House of Commons every day. I have gone through so many arguments by 9am that I am exhausted. I spend the rest of the day recovering, readying myself for her coming home”. (Debby)

“ My mood is dictated by my child. I have to be calm all the time, any chinks in my mood make things more difficult”. (Sue)

“ She says the most awful things to me, the abuse is off the scale, but I need to not react and always be there. I am knackered.” ( Ann)

Quotes from a child:

“ I feel so angry, I want to hurt myself to stop the feelings. People don’t understand me. I hate school. I hate feeling like this.” (Mike)