Training options.

I can provide training that is tailor-made to meet your requirements. Please contact me to discuss. Below are some outlines of available programmes:

Stress & Exam stress workshop:

This can be delivered over 6 weeks in hourly slots or as a whole day. The outline is as follows:

What is stress? All about the physiology of stress
Examination techniques.
Positive self talk
Manage problems, instead of problems managing you
Life goal setting/putting things into perspective

Outline of possible one day Inset or training day about attachment & trauma:

  • Early trauma/hardship & it’s lasting effects
  • Why is it hard to work/ care for certain individuals
  • Secondary trauma
  • Working with young people affected by trauma/ hardship
  • A brighter future

Half day training.

  • Secondary trauma and tools to move forward

1hour session.

  • Case studies & their impact