The Path Can be Lonely..Why Kindness Counts!

I have written a poem! I have always said that I do not understand poems. Some rhyme, some don’t. Some have short stanza’s and some appear to be a story…never understood it! Then yesterday, these lines were vibrating in my head.

                          Poem & Kindness

I was due to attend yet another TAC ( Team Around The Child) meeting at the school my son attends. He has not coped well with transition from High school to the College, even though the environment has remained the same, the classroom; the teachers and expectations have all altered. Change and a child with many complex issues, does not go well. The last term and a half have been tempestuous to say the least! Frightening as a parent to behold.

I call him Eric & I wrote a book ‘Loving Eric’ about the challenges we faced trying to raise such a traumatised young man. It took the form of a journal mainly, a narrative of the many issues faced and the obstacles put in our way. Help was non existent and professionals repeatedly let us/him down. I am sure that I have often been the subject of many a staff meeting but I maintained my dignity and always asked for help respectfully. Empathy, in my experience was lacking, all too often! Judgement is all too often forthcoming.


I have recently been trying to emerge myself in Social Media. A new skill for really has all passed me by! I am aiming to heighten my profile and have had training and am taking it seriously! However, I have come to realisation..

I have read so many posts that judge parents and blame their poor parenting skills for their offsprings bad life choices. Their children’s rudeness and hostility are patronisingly laid at their door. This may be the case at times but certainly not a blanket assumption that should be made. In all honesty, some of the comments that I have read have ‘triggered’ me.

I feel that a bit of empathy and kindness could heal open wounds and help everyone find a way forward.Please think before you judge…you do not know the life that person inhabits. They may well be doing the best that they are able. Support not superiority in a nutshell!

Photo by Sensei Minimal on Unsplash

I Find my self lost in Social Media…Who knew!!


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