10 Top Tips for coping with ADHD as an adult.

Exercise daily; exercise helps to decrease excess energy and helps with concentration and improves the ability to focus. It helps ease depression and anxiety.

Accept that you have ADHD but still need to find ways of managing it – society is not always very forgiving!

Find a peer group that accepts you.

Find time to relax and learn to breathe

Create a list of things to do, prioritise or get help prioritising. Restrict self to work down the list in order to avoid becoming overwhelmed

Set time limits for jobs that you undertake, if sense of time is unreliable, use a timer to assist

Break down or have your tasks broken down into small steps. Too much information can be too much

Use technology to organise your day. Set reminders

Learn about ADHD, understanding it can help you accept it and use certain traits to your advantage

Learn to meditate – anyone can do this , it just takes practice. White noise has also been found to be relaxing. Find something that suits you!

Resources on the Internet

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SEND Code of Practice- British Dyslexia Association

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