1.This research is published in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence titled ‘A One-Session Treatment of PTSD After Single Sexual Assault Trauma. A Pilot Study of the WONSA MLI Project: A Randomized Controlled Trial’. It has been written by: Gita Rajan,1,2 Caroline Wachtler,1 Sara Lee,3 Per Wändell,1 Björn Philips,4 Lars Wahlström,1 Carl Göran Svedin,5 and Axel C. Carlsson1,2.

            PTSD Research

2. This a further piece of published research. ‘Psychotherapy through lifespan integration: How do therapists describe the feeling of integration?‘. By Sami Rejil a, Joanna Smith b, Manon Dubourg b, Aure ́ lie Untas a,*

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