New: Anxiety Course

10 week online Anxiety Course
Beat Anxiety

This new 10 week online course is based around my Anxiety Workbook. The workbook is currently used in schools and GP practices.

The online course is a stand alone course or it can be used to help ground you before, during or after therapy. It will equip you with a toolbox to carry with you and dip into at times of need.

The course is presented in a slide format, with audio & video additions to help you through the process. It gives some information about Anxiety but the focus is on you, what you are doing currently, how you want to feel and help you set manageable goals to help you get there.

Course to beat anxiety!
On Amazon! Now a 10 week Course!

I designed the Anxiety Compass for the workbook, based on the fact that if we are to feel connected and calm, we needs 8 elements of our lives to be in balance.

Week 1: All About Anxiety- why do we feel anxious?  Introducing the Anxiety Compass.

Week 2: Home Life is explored within the context of Anxiety.

Week 3: Work Life &/or Education is explored within the context of Anxiety.

Week 4: Exercise is explored within the context of Anxiety

Week 5: Diet is explored within the context of Anxiety

Week 6: Sleep

Week 7: Digital Life

Week 8: Creativity

Week 9: Socialisation

Week 10: Summary & what to take forward.

This course takes you around the Compass and highlights where your life may be out of sync but more importantly, how to address it.

Introductory price £100 ( Usual cost will be £160)

Additional Coaching to see you through & support you during the course can be added on at the cost of £60 per hour, as a further means of support if you wish to do so. The number of sessions you want to buy is up to you!



Photo by Loverna Journey on Unsplash