Post Adoption Support

Photo by David Lezcano on Unsplash


Post Adoption Support to Suit you! 

Adoption can lead to many joys but also can lead to many challenges. Support is often hard to find and can be a long time coming. My aim is to provide a prompt service that walks alongside adopters, easy to access as needed but not looking over your shoulder when times are good.

The advice will be professional but also will be delivered by someone who has actually walked the path of adoption, my knowledge is not just out of a reference book but my life experiences are research based!

Post Adoption Support Options:

Attachment & Trauma informed therapeutic support : Cost £60 per hour.

1 off consultation ( sometimes a one off timely intervention is enough!) : Cost £100 for 1.5hrs

Access to support as & when it is actually needed : Cost £100 for 1.5hrs

Post Adoption package of support : 6 Months support ( 2 hrs per month equivalent) to be used in a way that best your family needs : Cost £650