Hummingbird Centre

The Hummingbird Centre was set up in response to an identified need for more support for all those affected by Attachment, Trauma &/or Adoption. It aims to provide timely,responsive intervention, advice and support to young people, adults and families affected by Attachment, Trauma &/or Adoption. The aim is to provide support at the time when it is needed, helping to avoid crisis. Therapy that is attachment focused and informed by new developments in the field of neuroscience, is specifically designed around the individuals needs.

This is provided through therapeutic input, support and sharing of information that informs and deepens the understanding of the issues being faced. The website has information, self help strategies and signposts to other relevant resources.

Tailor made consultation and training is available to help and support the family as a whole, the educators and other professionals working in this field.

Our service is friendly and accessible. The purpose is to support, inform and build resilience by working with the individual, the family, the school. We provide advice guides, training and a cutting edge, therapeutic approach that really is effective! We blog in order to raise awareness and make people feel less alone.

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