About Me

I believe that therapy can improve how we live our lives. The therapy should be accessible, responsive and tailor made to meet our individual circumstances. I bring my rich life experiences into the counselling room and they inform how I work.

I specialise in Attachment, Trauma and Adoption, working with teenagers, adults and families. My approach is Integrative, I am Accredited with the BACP and am a qualified supervisor. 

I am a Level 3 qualified Lifespan Integration Therapist ( LifespanIntegratonTherapy.co.uk) and this informs the majority of my work. I am involved in researching this relatively new therapy and am a member of the LI UK Board.

I am an author, and I wrote ‘Loving Eric: A personal Story of Adoption, Attachment, Autism & ADHD’, this is available on Amazon.

The areas that I specialise in are:



Teenager Issues


Bereavement & Loss

Depression/Low Mood


Self Esteem

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