Hummingbird Adoption Support

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This is an area that I feel great passion about. I have adopted and therapeutically parented 3 adopted children. My path has not been without turmoil! Going through this process, it was apparent that the support I needed the most, was not there. I needed a friendly ear; a non-judgemental presence that I could call upon when things felt too much. Advice and strategies, yes, but mainly someone on my side.

I then witnessed the power of  Lifespan Integration therapy, with two of my children. The impact has been life changing – so much so that I trained in the therapy myself ( See above). It actually repairs attachment!

I have set up this network to provide:

  • Adoption Buddies – to walk alongside you
  • Advice on behavioural approaches
  • Help when faced with educational blocks
  • Signpost the route you may need to follow
  • Training for adopters & professionals
  • Models that work within schools