Laura Morrissey Counselling provides counselling that is built upon a belief that therapeutic intervention should be responsive and empathic. Laura works with teenagers, adults and families, in a way that builds resilience and improves relationships.

Laura specialises in Attachment, Trauma &/or Adoption. Laura’s service aims to provide responsive intervention, advice and support at the time when you need it the most. Therapy that is attachment focused and informed by new developments in the field of neuroscience, is specifically designed around the individuals needs, helping to get to the root of the issues causing distress.

Laura provides more than just therapy, understanding that support and information about developments in the world of therapy can deepen the understanding of the issues being faced and improve the ability of the clients to develop more robust coping skills.

The website has information, self help strategies and signposts to other relevant resources.

Tailor made consultation and training is available to help and support the family as a whole, the parents/carers, the educators and other professionals.